Our Team


Plus size model (particularly large horses) and she is the “exclusive chestnut” in the team. Up until three years ago, Motte was working as a horse hairdresser and has therefore experience in shiny coats and beautiful mane highlights and is therefore indispensable for the photo shoot.


She is a part time model and yoga teacher and has a calming influence on the team. She is the small diva among the models and causes a sugar shock alarm on the set.


Co-Founder and inventor of the “quick-drying blanket” and he holds a degree in pretty looks. He wrote his thesis in the field of nutrition sciences with the title: “Positive effects of 24-hour feeding of carrots in sport horses.


July 2017 cover model “Stallions Health”.
Athlete and the title defender of “Best Dressed Horse of the Year”, we could not find a more suitable model.