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What’s it like to be directly in the environment of a business start – in particular, if the trade mark stands for exactly the same things you have a burning interest in: Equestrian fashion, which is functional, stylish and super comfortable at the same time?

The answer is: It is exciting! Again and again you will be asked: Can you try this on?, What do you think about it?, How is that?, How does that feel?, How do you like the fabric, colour, cut, etc.?, Can you try riding in it?, Can you please wash it?, And and and…. It is fun because one has the feeling to really be a part of the development process and to provide help, support and encouragement.

After the above-mentioned part was completed and most of the collection had been finalised, it had to take on the next step and showcase the collection in the best possible way which means to start to plan the first image photo shoot. We were lucky and our model friends had time for us and agreed to come to the scheduled appointment. A photographer was sought and found. A suitable location, which could reflect the image of the brand, had to be found. The decision was made quickly and the CARUBINA team was going to look for a castle and quickly found one. Now it had to tackle the hardest question of the day: Which horses will take part at the foto shoot? The decision fell on the super sweet Dark Candy and on my horse “Motte”. Motte only moved in with me three weeks ago, but I haven’t experienced and such a lovely and relaxing horse in a long time. So I offered to take her to the photo shoot (of course, in the hope that she will also behave in an exemplary manner once there). After some consideration, the plan stood and the tasks for the day where clearly assigned. There was still one announcement: “Please start plating Motte” and we were ready to start.

All riders know it, this means being at the stable at 7 am, stat plating the horses manes, bush them super clean and load them up. Since we didn’t know each other for long, we simply took it as a test run for the first tournament at some point in the future. We managed the loading on our own and we arrived with a little delay at half past eleven. Everything was super organized and prepared at the location. Each of the horses had a cosy box with thick bedding, so they could relax while waiting for the photo shoot.

We were able to see how the models were styled and how their make-up was done and how the first outfits were tried on, then the first photos were taken without the horses. That was all very interesting and exciting, because I had not been part of a photo shoot before.

After about two hours, we could start with the horses. The horses were once gain bushed to a shine and then saddled. The models were asked to get to know “their” horse, because the plan was that both models would be shot were close to the horses. Nneka, who was working with Motte, fell in love with her at first sight and grabbed the reins and pulled Motti away with her. I was left behind and I felt a bit confused, once I found out that Nneka has never worked with horses before, I started to worry that Motti could escape and gallop through the roads of Wickrath.

But no! She was really very well behaved! Just like Candy! Both horses spent several hours posing like the pros. Not once was one of the horses restless, nervous or annoyed! Even I did not know where to look anymore with all the loud noises and calls and animal sound, crackling bags, waving towels and gloves onto of riding crops.

At the end of the day we were lucky with the weather (no rain) and thanks to the great team that came with us, we had also captured very nice photos.

The entire team deserves to be thanked again! Everything went really great! The basic organization of the CARUBINA team was great and was made possible by the relatively large number of volunteers (friends and family), who worked great together! At the end everyone had something to do and had found a useful task (fetching drinks, carrying jackets, organising treats, running back quickly for another top and much more). It was a lot of fun, but we and the horses were quite tired when we drove home in the late afternoon and we were pleased, when we all could finally relax!

Thank you very much, that we could be part of it!